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Count the amount of words, characters, sentences, and paragraphs that your text has by pasting or writing your text in box below. If you have any doubt of how to use this tool, please check our FAQs.

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FAQs for Word Counter

What is Word Counter?

Word Counter is a free and online web tool that calculates the amount of words, sentences, paragraphs and even characters written in a text. Whether you are a student preparing an essay, a teacher correcting a text, a blogger, or someone who likes to write, feel free to use this tool! The text is analyzed in real time (no delays) and outputs different metrics about the text. If you are analyzing a huge text, the analysis will take a bit longer (a few seconds).

How do I use Word Counter?

You just have to write down or paste the text you want to analyze win the above box and statistics will be calculated automatically (no clicks needed).

Why should I even use an online word counter?

We live in a world where words or characters limits is common these days. For example, in social media has a limit in the amount of characters you write.

  • Twitter has a limit of 280 characters.

  • Facebook does not let you write any post longer than 63,206 characters. And in the case you are writing a comment, the limit is 8,000 characters.

  • In the case of Instagram, they limited to 2,200 characters in Instagram captions, the hashtag limit is of 30 hashtags.

You can also find word or character limits in SMS messages (160 characters), ecommerce posts and feedback (such as eBay, Amazon, etc), or even in forums like Reddit. These are just a few examples of places where the amount of characters or words is limited! Knowing these limits will help you reorganize your text to fit the limits imposed.

Also, imagine you have to check if a piece of text has less than a certain amount of words. If you feel like counting paragraphs, word by word, or even character by character, then this tool is not for you. This is for people that think smart and know that their time is precious, so they prefer to spend their time in more valuable tasks. This tool analyzis the text you input and calculate statistics in real time (no clicks needed).

Which browsers are supported?

All mayor web browsers are supported, including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Which devices does Word Counter work on?

Word Counter works in any device that supports any of the browsers mentioned before. It can be a smartphone, desktop computer, notebook, tablet, etc.

Whom is this word counting tool for?

If you are content writer (such as a journalist), the amount of words in a text is a factor that must be considered. If you are a blogger, this tool can be useful for SEO (for example, the amount of words that the body of text should be at leasy of 250 words; or in the case of a title).

At school or university, teachers often give to studens assignments that will have as a condition a specific amount of words.

And also, if you are not a blogger, teacher or student, and you are visiting our website, it means that you need a tool for counting words, characters or sentences!

Does Word Counter save the data that I insert?

No, we don't save the text you insert.

Word Counter is not calculating text metrics

If this happens to you, it is probably that you have just pasted a huge text. If that is not the case, please contact us in the Contact us section. We will be grateful that you tell us about the errors you found.