Megabits (Mb) to Gibibits (Gib) calculator

Input the amount of megabits you want to convert to gibibits in the below input field, and then click in the "Convert" button. But if you want to convert from gibibits to megabits, please checkout this tool.


Formula used to convert Mb to Gib:

F(x) = x / 1073.741824

For example, if you want to convert 15 Mb to Gib, just replace x by 15 [Mb]:

15 Mb = 15/1073.741824 = 0.013969838619232178 Gib


  1. Divide the amount of megabits by 1073.741824.
  2. The result will be expressed in gibibits.

Megabit to Gibibit Conversion Table

The following table will show the most common conversions for Megabits (Mb) to Gibibits (Gib):

Megabits (Mb) Gibibits (Gib)
0.001 Mb 0.0000009313 Gib
0.01 Mb 0.0000093132 Gib
0.1 Mb 0.0000931323 Gib
1 Mb 0.0009313226 Gib
2 Mb 0.0018626451 Gib
3 Mb 0.0027939677 Gib
4 Mb 0.0037252903 Gib
5 Mb 0.0046566129 Gib
6 Mb 0.0055879354 Gib
7 Mb 0.006519258 Gib
8 Mb 0.0074505806 Gib
9 Mb 0.0083819032 Gib
10 Mb 0.0093132257 Gib
20 Mb 0.0186264515 Gib
30 Mb 0.0279396772 Gib
40 Mb 0.037252903 Gib
50 Mb 0.0465661287 Gib
60 Mb 0.0558793545 Gib
70 Mb 0.0651925802 Gib
80 Mb 0.074505806 Gib
90 Mb 0.0838190317 Gib
100 Mb 0.0931322575 Gib

About Megabits (Mb)

A megabit is a unit of measurement for digital information and computer storage. The prefix mega (which is expressed with the letter M) is defined in the International System of Units (SI) as a multiplier of 10^6 (1 million). Therefore, 1 megabit is equal to 1,000,000 bits and equal to 1,000 kilobits. The symbol commonly used to represent a megabit is Mb (sometimes as Mbit).

About Gibibits (Gib)

A gibibit is a unit of measurement for digital information and computer storage. The binary prefix gibi (which is expressed with the letters Gi) is defined in the International System of Quantities (ISQ) as a multiplier of 2^30. Therefore, 1 gibibit is equal to 1,024 mebibits and equal to 1,073,741,824 bits (around 1.073 gigabits). The symbol commonly used to represent a gibibit is Gib (sometimes as Gibit).

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FAQs for Megabit to Gibibit calculator

What is Megabit to Gibibit calculator?

Megabit to Gibibit is a free and online calculator that converts Megabits to Gibibits.

How do I use Megabit to Gibibit?

You just have to insert the amount of Megabits you want to convert and press the "Convert" button. The amount of Gibibits will be outputed in the input field below the button.

Which browsers are supported?

All mayor web browsers are supported, including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Which devices does Megabit to Gibibit work on?

Megabit to Gibibit calculator works in any device that supports any of the browsers mentioned before. It can be a smartphone, desktop computer, notebook, tablet, etc.