Hectograms (hg) to Ounces (oz) calculator

Input the amount of hectograms you want to convert to ounces in the below input field, and then click in the "Convert" button. But if you want to convert from ounces to hectograms, please checkout this tool.


Formula used to convert hg to oz:

F(x) = x * 3.527396195

For example, if you want to convert 15 hg to oz, just replace x by 15 [hg]:

15 hg = 15*3.527396195 = 52.910942925 oz


  1. Multiply the amount of hectograms by 3.527396195.
  2. The result will be expressed in ounces.

Hectogram to Ounce Conversion Table

The following table will show the most common conversions for Hectograms (hg) to Ounces (oz):

Hectograms (hg) Ounces (oz)
0.001 hg 0.0035273962 oz
0.01 hg 0.035273962 oz
0.1 hg 0.3527396195 oz
1 hg 3.527396195 oz
2 hg 7.05479239 oz
3 hg 10.582188585 oz
4 hg 14.10958478 oz
5 hg 17.636980975 oz
6 hg 21.16437717 oz
7 hg 24.691773365 oz
8 hg 28.21916956 oz
9 hg 31.746565755 oz
10 hg 35.27396195 oz
20 hg 70.5479239 oz
30 hg 105.82188585 oz
40 hg 141.0958478 oz
50 hg 176.36980975 oz
60 hg 211.6437717 oz
70 hg 246.91773365 oz
80 hg 282.1916956 oz
90 hg 317.46565755 oz
100 hg 352.7396195 oz

About Hectograms (hg)

A hectogram is a rarely used unit of weight, defined on the International System of Units (SI). One hectogram is equal to 100 grams. The symbol used to represent hectograms is hg.

About Ounces (oz)

The ounce (symbol ℥) is a unit of mass, weight, or volume used in most British derived customary systems of measurement. One avoirdupois ounce is equal to ​1⁄16 of a common avoirdupois pound. It is commonly used in the United States to measure the weight of food, postal items, gloves, among others.

There are many ounces in current use. This are the troy ounce, the ounce-force and the fluid ounce.

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FAQs for Hectogram to Ounce calculator

What is Hectogram to Ounce calculator?

Hectogram to Ounce is a free and online calculator that converts Hectograms to Ounces.

How do I use Hectogram to Ounce?

You just have to insert the amount of Hectograms you want to convert and press the "Convert" button. The amount of Ounces will be outputed in the input field below the button.

Which browsers are supported?

All mayor web browsers are supported, including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Which devices does Hectogram to Ounce work on?

Hectogram to Ounce calculator works in any device that supports any of the browsers mentioned before. It can be a smartphone, desktop computer, notebook, tablet, etc.